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Borshch Рекомендуем


I like borshch very much. The Ukrainian dish is very popular and has no analogues in the world. That's why we don't translate it. My mother cooks it perfectly. Here is the receipt:


500 gr. meat, 300 gr. beetroof, 300 gr. potatoes, 200 gr. carrots, 200 gr. fresh cabbage, 100 gr. onions, 100 gr. fresh tomatoes or one sponful of tomato puree; parsley, vinegar, sugar,salt.

Pour water into a sauce-pan, put some meat into it. While it boils, peel and cut beetroot, carrots, parsley and onions. Heat 2 sponfulls of vegetables oil in the frying pan. Fry vegetables in it, and sliced tomatoes or tomato puree and cover the lid on. Stir the vegetables, add some water  if necessary. Remove them into the source-pan. Put potatoes either whole or cut up. After 15-20 minutes add some cut cabbage, salt, vinegar and sugar to your taste. Boil it until it's quite ready. And don't forgot, that borshch is served as the main course with pampushki, soft rolls soaked in garlic.

Enjoy your meal!

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