The climate of Ukraine

The climate of any country depends on its geographical position. Climate can be hot, cold, dry, wet, tropical and subtropical.

The Ukraine is situated in the South-Eastern part of Central Europe, so the climate is moderate. Winter is rather mild with snowfalls everywhere except the southern part. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. Summer is quite hot and dry with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

But the climate is different in different parts of the Ukraine as it is rather a big country. The north and the north-easrt regions are the coldest. As for the South the climate there is subtropical. The climate on the territory along the Black Sea and the Sea of Aow is much warmer than that in other parts of Ukraine. Speaking about the climate we can not mention the Crimean and the Carpathian mountains which greatly influence the climate, too. The Crimean mountains, where the climatic conditions are close to those of the Mediterranean, protect the southern cost from bitter steppe winds. In the central part of the country the climate is moderate and continental.

The average yearly temperature in Ukraine varies between +6 C in the North and +12 C in the South. And now I would like to characterize every season of the year in this country in general

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